3 tips to make the most out of your SilverPoint speakers

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3 tips to make the most out of your SilverPoint speakers

Whether you are the proud owner of some SilverPoint multi-room speakers, or are entertaining the idea of grabbing yourself some, it’s always a good idea to know exactly what you’re working with. Here’s a quick rundown of how to get the absolute best experience out of the SilverPoint range and the clever little companion app, StreamQ.

Set up

As with all stereo speaker sets, it’s important that you set them up somewhere suitable. Out of the box, you have two speakers, one active and one passive, that are connected by a cable. The speakers are then used as a stereo pair, with one speaker playing the right channel, and the other playing the left. To get the best stereo image, you’ll want to make sure the speakers are at least one meter apart. Then, depending on where you’ll be listening from, you might want to turn the speakers slightly to ‘aim’ them in the right direction. You’ll want to make sure they’re set on a flat surface with around 25cm of space behind them. The speakers need to breathe!

More on setting up the perfect listening environment here:


Silverpoint SP2 equaliser


One of the key features of the SilverPoint range is its multi-room capabilities. Multi-room speaker systems have the ability to connect multiple speakers together to play music throughout different rooms of the house. So, in order to get a full-featured experience out of your speakers, it is best to have more than one pair. For example, you can have one set in your lounge, set up to be used with your TV, and another pair in the kitchen or dining room. When you have guests to entertain, the two sets of speakers can be grouped together using the companion app StreamQ to play the same music in both rooms at once.



With SilverPoint speakers and StreamQ, you have access to practically every music source you can find in the home. There’s a tonne of different connection ports on the speaker, and some smart technology in StreamQ that enables wireless connections to different sources on your network. SilverPoint is also Spotify Certified so, if you’re a premium subscriber, you can play from Spotify right out of the box without having connect your phone/tablet/computer to the speakers – the speakers connect to Spotify directly!

Silverpoint SP2 all colours

This post was written by Jack Chapman