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Integrating audio technology at home

January 09, 2019 0 Comments

Integrating audio technology at home

One of my biggest concerns when I want to buy a new piece of audio technology for home is the fact that I will have loads of cables around it. As a lover of contemporary style, I really want a home where everything flows and I feel comfortable.

From my point of view, one of the solutions for this issue are portable speakers with a wireless system, as it allows you to keep the cables in a cupboard and only use them just when you have to charge the device, like, for example, the Soundscene. You can place them in different areas in your garden and no one will get a cable in their way.

Soundscene 3 at the swimming pool

Another solution to integrate an audio system at home is a new and modern multi-room system. As I mentioned previously in this post about multi-room, in the olden days we had to connect the speakers through wires or carry out a home audio installation tearing up walls and running wires behind them. With a multi-room system, this is not an issue anymore, as you just simply connect to your system using WiFi, and then choose which speakers will play your music using an app on your mobile.

What do you prefer while adding audio systems at home? The traditional way with cables around your home or the innovative way of multi-room, and portable wireless systems?

This post was written by Carolina Vazquez.