What do you want from music?

December 18, 2018 0 Comments

What do you want from music?

What do you want out of music?

We listen to it daily, but why?

What is it that we’re really looking for in it?

For me, I want music to accompany me. It should provide comfort, cheer, hope, fear and every other emotion when I need it, and it does, every time.

Music evokes the exact emotion that we require it to, as we select the song, typically one that relates to the situation. We naturally feel as though though the musician is there with us, that the lyrics are resonating through our souls and the beat is moving with our hearts, and although it’s man made, it’s close enough for me.

My colleague Jack Chapman, an aspiring sound designer says “Quite often for me, music is a means of escape for an hour or so. Putting on a pair of headphones and playing music to fit your mood can be a therapeutic experience whether you’re listing to something dark and brooding, or uplifting and inspiring. As a hobby, I like to write my own music, so sometimes I will listen to music purely because it makes me think, “how did they make that sound?”.”

Reddit users felt similarly, some a little deeper, and some perhaps not enough.

But that’s pretty irrelevant, as music is personal, so we can use it and take from it and desire from it whatever we damn well please.


The best music (to me) makes my heart ache. I actually feel something in my chest, which is an almost painful tightness.

The “ache” is not necessarily sad or bad. It always expresses a need. Music that makes me feel the need to run, shout, scream, fly or cry.


I want Disney Pop-Tarts OUT of music. It was a lot better when ugly people made music.


I like it to be real, and to establish a connection with the artist. I have to feel what drove the artist to create it.


I like music that makes me feel cool while I’m walking around.


There are times when music is a drug, it makes me high and lifts up this retched soul. It helps me make it through the day.


I like it when it gets me to experience the music. Just like when you[‘re] playing an instrument and you close your eyes and you[‘re] kind of in another World.


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This post was written by Crystal Rosen.