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What is multi-room?

January 09, 2019 0 Comments

What is multi-room?

If you are at home and you are able to control your music playing in one or many rooms at the same time from a smartphone or tablet, you’ve got a multi-room system.

To be able to enjoy the sound of a multi-room system at home, you will need to have multi-room speakers. They will allow you to place the speakers wherever you want at home, and connect to them individually, or group them together, to listen to different kinds of music in multiple rooms at once.

If you think about the older days where, to be able to enjoy the same music in every room at home, you had to connect the speakers through wires. You would either have wires visible at home, which is not good for your zen, or carry out a home audio installation which consisted of tearing up walls and running wires behind them. If you wanted to upgrade your sound system you had to do it all over again, so it was very expensive and annoying. The new ways to connect your speakers at home have increasingly advanced over recent years.

Fortunately, new wireless technologies have enabled us to enjoy our music at home, whatever room we are in.

At Bayan Audio, we have recently launched the Silverpoint SP1 and SP2 multi-room speaker family, which gives you the flexibility of wireless multi-room control, combined with Hi-Fi stereo sound quality and TV connectivity. You can control them via the StreamQ companion app, or by remote control. Imagine being in any room at home and listening to your favourite music, while controlling the entire system the way it best suits you. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

Silverpoint SP2 all colours

This post was written by Carolina Vazquez.